10 Tricks for Training Your New Puppy

10 Tricks for Training Your New Puppy

Just as it is important to keep our brains sharp and active, dogs too require the same. There is nothing compared to teaching your dog an impressive trick. Besides learning a new trick, it is also a great way to bond with them. Training helps our best buddies to remain active, obedient and happy. It will also be a great party trick if your dog could bust out a few classic moves, don’t you think?

Before you begin the training buy a few treats from the nearby pet stores or a trustable online store.

Mentioned below are the top 10 tricks you must teach your new puppy.

1. Sit
This is a classic trick. It is also a way of teaching them to be well-behaved. Responding to ‘sit’ is the start for any puppy. The trick is to say ‘sit’ when ever your puppy is about to. Reward them when they do, either with a treat or with affection. It usually takes a day or two for them to comprehend what you mean.

2. Shake
Ah! The age old trick. But once mastered can be a way of controlling your puppy when they grow up. Ask your puppy to sit. After which take one of their paws and say ‘Shake hand’ or whatever command you want. Again, reward them each time. Do this 5 or 6 times a day until your puppy offers their hands by themselves.

3. High-five
Let me tell you this. Teach your puppy how to give you a high-five and you will never be left hanging for one. The trick is easy because puppies tend to paw at you often. Change this bad manner into a cool trick. Every time they paw at you, bring your palm over his and say ‘High-Five’. The gesture is more important than the word you use. He is most likely to retaliate when he sees your hands in a high-five gesture than actually hearing the word ‘high-five’.

4. Roll Over
It may seem daunting at first, but with everything in life, consistency matters. When your puppy is lying on the floor, hold a treat above him and move it in the direction you want him to roll over. The key is to make sure he is in a sleeping position, on his back.

5. Army Crawl
When your puppy is lying on his tummy, place your hand over his back so that he doesn’t lift himself up and use a treat to draw him forward. You will notice he will me brawling towards it rather than hoisting himself to towards it.

6. Salute
This trick is pretty much like the high-five except there would be no skin-to-fur contact. Lift your palm for a high-five and when your puppy raise his paws say ‘Salute’. Remember not to touch his paws. Reward him each time.

7. Fetch
It may seem cliche to teach your puppy this, but it will be of great help if you cannot go for a walk or run with your dog. Fetch is a great exercise for them. The trick is to take it step by step. The first is to throw the toy. The second step if for them to run towards it. Reward them. The third is for them to bring it back towards you. Reward them. The final if for them to let go of the toy. Reward them.

8. Down
Again, a simple trick to teach them obedience. Use a gesture with your finger to guide him. Your the other hand to hold a treat and bring it near his snout and move towards the floor. He is bound to follow you. Say ‘down’ when he does.

9. Stay
This trick will come very handy when your puppy is being troublesome. It helps your dog with self-control. Ask them to sit. Hold your palm out and say stay. When they move, hold them back and begin again. Reward them at each step.

10. Go
This trick shows that you are the boss. Dogs tend to be dominating. Making them move at your command gives them a sense of being controlled. They will know who their master is.

So, there you go. 10 simple tricks you must teach you new puppy. Remember, patience is key. Once you have selected the treat you want, invest in more pet supplies like customized socks or collars to make your pup feel special. They deserve it!

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