15 Best Dressed Pets For Summer

15 Best Dressed Pets For Summer

Dressing up your pet is not only a fun way to bond with them, it's also a way of expressing both your and their personalities. And what better time to do this than in the summer? Here are some of the best summer dressed pets.

  1. This lime and light blue ensemble is the best way to embrace the summer bright sun, and the cherry embroidery perfectly completes your pet's inner sweetness.

  1. Summer is for sunny beaches, sassy swimwear, and matching sunglasses. In this outfit, you'll catch a few glances your way.

  1. A light multicolored fabric which doesn't make your dog look bulky is perfect for the summer outdoors.

  1. You know what's better than a checked dungaree? Two checked dungarees! The bright color definitely brings the summer feel to a dark coated pet.

  1. Matching the right plain color with a plain fur coat can be tough, but once you get it right, you're a sight to behold! Just like this yellow cardigan on a light brown furred doggie.

  1. They may want to kill you later for it, but matching outfits for different pets is as adorable as it gets!

  1. Sometimes the fur is just enough a statement. A simple accessory such as a bow will do the trick for your furry feline.

  1. Going camping? Why don't you try a color that will merge right with nature for your pet, like a lime cardigan that's cool enough for daytime and warm enough for the night.

  1. Plain furs can be spiced up with patterned shirts to make them look adorable, lively, and fun.

  1. A bright shirt will do just fine for your dark colored pet's coat and bring that playful vibe to the room.

  1. Who says you can't wear a St. Patrick's hat when it's not St. Patrick's day?

  1. Bright colors and dark shades are a statement on their own and they accomplish the “cool dog” look perfectly.

  1. What is more adorable than dressing up your baby exactly like what it is, a baby! Simple stripped shirts with light colors work perfectly for the summer.

  1. Dark with a bright bow says bold and fun at the same time.

  1. Dog socks may look like an addition in the summer, but custom dog socks can be the perfect touch to any outfit. Fully customizable with your dog, they make the perfect gift for any pet lover!

There are so many ideas for dressing up your pet out there. Simply find out what both you and your pet would love to be seen in and rock your wear.

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