7 Types of Dog Owners

7 Types of Dog Owners

We know there exist different types of dog breeds, but what comes on the other side of the leash is no longer a mystery. The dog owners can be as unique as the breed itself. We all know about the crazy cat lady next door, but what about the dog-obsessed one? That’s right! Their world revolves around their dogs. They have customized socks with their dog’s pictures, pillowcases, coffee mugs, you name it, they have it.

Here are the 7 types of dog owners you are bound to meet in your lifetime.
PS: There is nothing wrong with being any of them.

1. The Equals

‘Don’t call him ‘it’. He has a name!’

Haven’t we all met one of them? They treat their dogs as equals. They hate it when others treat their dog as just an animal. They allow their dogs on the bed, couch, bathroom, kitchen...they even share their plates with them. If you don’t like dogs, we suggest you move along. Because they will choose them over you any day.

2. The PhD

This is the kind of owner who knows everything starting from ticks to tumors. They are well versed in everything related to a dog and is your go-to dog guru.

3. The OCD

They keep their dogs on a tight leash no matter where they go. They worry too much about them. They are not concerned if the kid in the park gets hurt by their dog but vice versa. No strangers can get near this powerful duo.

4. The Chain Breaker

Ah! the best kind of owners. They let their dogs off the leash because trust is the foundation of their relationship. They have well-behaved dogs who know how to abide by the rules.

5. The Foster Mum

These type of owners provide love and care for the helpless dogs and puppies. They have a warm heart and cannot stand to watch any dog abandoned. They are bound to rescue anything that barks.

6. The designer

They love dressing up their dogs. They are aware of the latest doggy fashion trends and never skips a day of grooming their pooch. You will know one when you see one. They will have their dogs fit snugly into a purse. If you’re one of them, click here to get a few fashion ideas for your dog.

7. The Olympian

They love working out with their dogs. They go on hikes, jogging or marathon even. They are often seen with big dogs like the Great Dane. They train their dogs to have good strength and stamina.

The above 7 are the best kinds of owners. They each are unique in their own ways. If you do not fall into any of these categories, you can always be yourself with them and love them immensely. Buy them collars or doggy shirts from pet stores nearby or get yourself customized socks with your pet’s picture on it.

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