9 Times Pets Amazed Us With Their Fashion Sense

9 Times Pets Amazed Us With Their Fashion Sense

While most pets love going au naturel, every once in a while you will spot a dapper looking one ready to steal your girl. Fashionable pets, especially dogs have taken over the social media. No longer are humans with the crazy fans, animals too know how to run the game. Talk about the superior species!

What other greater time to be alive eh? Animals dressing up like humans were just a comical aspect a few years ago. Now, it has become a statement.

Listed below are the 9 times pets have amazed us with their spot-on fashion sense.

  1. Cecil Delevingne


Cecil the rabbit is no ordinary easter bunny. He has his own Chanel camellia pin and wears it with nothing short of grace and beauty. Of course, along with his Mulberry bag, he is always fashion ready. The surname sounds familiar doesn't it? That’s because he is owned by the hollywood actress Cara Delevingne.

  1. Jiff


With multiple cameos in hit singles like Katy Perry’s Dark Horse, Jiff the pomeranian is often seen with a baseball t-shirt and bling. The icing on the cake is when sports a hoodie. He has made it to the Guiness book of world records for the fastest dog on two paws.

  1. Toast

The classic story of rags to riches, a puppy mill rescue, was so A-list that she had the front row to every fashion show. Her USP was her floppy tongue because she no teeth. She also appeared in Good Morning America. Impressive! Recently,  Fashion publicist Katie Sturino declared the demise of Instagram’s most loved dog, Toast. A true loss to the fashion world indeed.

  1. Snoopy the Cat


Look at the attitude on this one. An exotic short hair cat has over 200 thousand followers on Instagram. He is loved for his “pie face” and eyes. He has a impeccable style to match and is always runway ready.

  1. Menswear Dog


You heard it right. The menswear dog. This 3-year old Shiba Inu hails from New York. He shot to fame with this tailored suit and his love for layers. He has collaborated with various men apparels line and the unofficial mascot of GQ.

  1. Gus and Travis McCombie


Sure they sound like a country band but don’t let their names fool you. These German short haired pointers have coats that have their own design that any extra apparel would just overdo it. The wear everything from hats to bow ties and make it a point to look dapper every time.

  1. Kintai


This yorkie has an adventurous style. Whether it is a hike or just a beach walk he has the perfect wardrobe for it all. He is mostly seen in overalls.

  1. Marnie


A sassy shih tzu, knows how to dorn the girly bow and sweaters. She is often seen around big shot designers like Betsey Johnson, actress Tina Fey, singer Demi Lovato etc. She has her own iconic style that makes her one of the most loved dogs in social media.

  1. Ginny


Ginny is a British Jack Russell Terrier who loves to be active all the time. She loves dressing up in red especially on Valentine’s Days.

So, there you go! These pets make us feel inadequate at times. But you gotta love their spirit.

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